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Go Buy Local is committed to a holistic view of building sustainable communities. Our programs support the economic, social, environmental, and wellness of each community we serve. We contribute to the well-being of communities by strengthening local business which generates additional jobs and tax revenue, enhanced real estate values, living wages, and increased funds for schools and causes. Our efforts reduce environmental impact of increased use of transportation and preserve the highest and best use of local shopping areas thereby preserving both community character and ambience.



Go Buy Local is committed to the education of our youth. The education of our young people is a strategic imperative for every community. A strong educational system enriches the community by developing a capable workforce, more informed citizens, and leaders for the future. An educated workforce retains current employers and attracts new employers. An accomplished school system raises real estate values and enhances the quality of life of the community. Schools typically use fundraising activities to cover a variety of expenses that are needed to provide a quality education.  We are dedicated to creating effective and efficient fundraising and subscribe to the fundraising ethics advanced by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.




More often than not, schools lose at least 50% of the value of fundraising to pay for the item sold.  Communities experience a double loss of wealth by losing 50% or more of the school funds raised and then sending the payments to entities outside of the community to wherever the product was made. Go Buy Local invented Offers+Donations to keep the money in the community and with the school! Offers+Donations incents users to snag a good deal at a local business and, in addition, the business will donate money to the user's chosen school. Our goal is to raise at least $1.0 billion for schools each year. Click here to sign up your school to use the program. If you work as a fundraising professional and would like to help schools deploy this program click here.



School fundraising involving the sale of products is a multi-billion dollar industry that typically enriches the product manufacturer while substantially reducing the net funds raised and the export of those sales dollars out of the community. Generally, these programs do not net more than 50% to the school. Go Buy Local created the MAX eCard fundraising program to maximize funds raised and keep both the fundraising and the donating local. Essentially, participating schools sell the card and keep between 85% and 99% of the purchase price depending on the complexity of the program they choose. The offers on the MAX eCard are exclusively from local businesses and are 25% off or more. In addition, a summary of available offers from 50 to 100 businesses in your community are emailed to card holders each week - just one email! Using these offers keeps all the spending in the community and supports the local business community. Click here to learn more about how to MAXimize fundraising for your school.



Local businesses are very generous - they were practicing "conscious capitalism" before the name was created. They own brick and mortar in the town and want the town to succeed in every way. Taking care of the basic needs of the community's citizens is a first step in building a thriving community as it is not only a duty, but an opportunity to provide a hand-up as well as a hand-out. We promote community-wide causes, including free banner ads for their special events. We also provide fundraising programs to community-wide nonprofits to further the connection between local businesses and the community at large. Some organizations are beginning to use the Offers+Donations program to raise funds to support their cause.



We connect the availability of fresh food in the community with improved nutrition whether it's encouraging local restaurateurs to purchase from local growers or providing a free promotion to local CSA's we want to promote healthy eating and that can begin with locally grown foods. We also support wellness programs that promote healthy lifestyles for the community.



We provide financial and promotional support through our membership in a number of local, regional and national sustainability-focused organizations. Please feel free to click on the links below to find out more about them.


Entrepreneurship is critical to a sustainable future. From the lemonade stand as a youth to inventing new gene therapy as an adult, many respond to the call. Successful entrepreneurs contribute to community sustainability as they create new jobs, new wealth, and, ideally, new ways for all of us to live better. When this contribution is made with sensitivity to the world around us, it is called applying capitalism with a conscience or to quote an ancient proverb that summarizes American Indian philosophy: “Treat the earth well - it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.”


Stuart G. Harris, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and author of A Native American Perspective on Sustainable Infrastructure, clearly articulates our need to recognize complexity as we embrace enduring values in our effort to build a sustainable planet; as we are all woven into the same “basket” whether we like it or not. “Sustainable development requires a robust and diverse natural resource base. It also requires a diverse and robust set of cultural and economic bases, and a recognition that mankind and his systems, forms, and patterns are inseparable from the evolving environmental basket into which he is woven. This has been taught for thousands of years as indigenous environmental management science. The role of infrastructure is, or should be, to protect values, biodiversity, cultural diversity, and land use options of future generations.”